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The Practical Modern Glossary, Ontology & Compendium of Social Cohesion ("the OC")

By Daniel Hough Jones

And other authors
Copyright by the authors 2006-2019
Published by Publishing USA, LLC
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First Edition in draft form: 2019


  1. When I talk about Persons, Groups, and Organizations, include Households in the list. A Household (which may be only one Person) is defined as the smallest problem-solving unit.


This is The Ontological Compendium of Practical Social Cohesion. I often refer to it as "the OC." It is an essential part of every Cohesion Project or Cohesion Program.  "Don't leave home without it," I say, echoing the old American Express advertisement.

There are two ways of looking at the OC. The Glossary lists Special Terms in alphabetical order. The Ontology lists them in an heirarchy.


In our Modern World as it is, if I were asked about the matter, I would argue that Social Cohesion is impossible without the OC (or something else like it). Social Fragmentation is the inevitable consequence of the absence of a consistent vocabulary in the same way that scurvy is the inevitable consequence of Vitamin 'C's absence. With the CG, however, or another glossary like it, Social Cohesion is likely if not guaranteed. (Social Cohesion is not guaranteed by the presence and use of an appropriate glossary simply because there are other important ingredients to Social Cohesion, in addition to a glossary.)

For more discussion along these lines, please see the essays listed towards the bottom of this page.

Allow me at the outset of the CG to bring ten items to your attention that will make your use of the CG easier and more Understandable

(1) In general, hyperlinks open in the same browser window.  To return to where you were previously, use your browser's BACK ARROW. Test it out.  First, click ECUSA® and then when you get to that page, find the Cohesion USATM hyperlink, click it and then click your BACK ARROW twice to get back to this spot.

(2) I have written the CG in the first person.  It's easier for me to write while imagining that I am talking directly to you, the present reader and User. Down the road, as other people contribute to this compendium-glossary, I hope they will continue to write in the first person with their names appearing on the specific pages that they author.

(3) A larger list of Users has access to the abridged version of the CG.  They are called the Abridged Users. A smaller list of Users has access to the more extensive unabridged version. Unabridged Users include (a) adult students enrolled in The Social Cohesion School of the People of the United States, (b) graduates of the School and (c) Members of American Conversation Groups® which Groups are made-up of School graduates.

(4) What I am saying in the CG does not originate with me. I learned about these matters from my teachers from birth through college: My parents, siblings, and ancestors whose stories affected me; Barat Hall, Saint Louis University High School, and Saint Louis University, and finally and especially the late Walter J. Ong, S.J. At best, I am a rearranger of the pieces I learned from my teachers into different or possibly new patterns. Errors in interpreting my teachers are mine alone. I am sorry. My added-value, if any, is in the re-arrangement, not in original discovery or insight. I dedicate all my work to my teachers; these particular human beings.

(5) Only authorized Users of the CG may print a page from this website to be used exclusively by them for their own non-commercial use.  See "Print Page" at the bottom of this browser window. (6) The "Search this site" box in the upper right-hand corner is the index to the CG. To peruse all of the terms in the CG, see the Sitemap tab above. Note that the Sitemap and the search facility for the unabridged version of the CG is more extensive than for the abridged version.

(7) For a brief description of the CG and its purpose, click here.  

(8) To understand why words and their definitions are important in the first place, click here.

(9) To read the story about why I developed the CG , click here.

(10) To read my opening essay - How we know something about something, click here.

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