Cohesion USA

From The Practical Ontology & Compendium of Social Cohesion

Definition: DAN: Maybe this term should not be used. I am going to rely on Social Cohesion Entrepreneurs who, I believe, should concentrate on a Cohesion Plat that they can handle. Claiming and branding a larger Place - such as an entire Nation - would discourage other potential entrepreneurs from entering the market. It is owned by the DH Jones Family Trust ("Owner"). Owner may license said trademark to a Person or Organization ("Licensee") to be used by the Licensee in association with the marketing and sale of designated products or services owned by the Licensee or licensed by the Licensee from Owner or another owner. As used herein, Cohesion USATM is the over-all brand name and trademark for many Modern Cohesion ProjectsTM and Modern Cohesion ProgramsTM happening in the United States.

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