From The Practical Ontology & Compendium of Social Cohesion

Definition: As used herein, the Ideomatic is the aggregate of (A) those Aspects of all Organizations that, through Communication, exert* (1) Influence, (2) Control, and/or (3) Influtrol on the Sensorium of a Person modified by (B) the totality of that Person's Acts in response to said aggregate.

  • Exert - To bring something to bear - To apply influence, pressure, or authority in an attempt to have a powerful effect on a situation. The exertion is not necessarily successful. It is an attempt.

Commentary on the term The Ideomatic is like a peculiar two-way street with no lane markings or rules of the road. From one direction comes full force, the Communication aggregate. From the other direction comes the Person's Actions as best as he or she can muster them. The resulting cacophony from moment to moment is the Ideomatic. Like Communication, the Ideomatic just is what it is - good, bad, or indifferent. Note: The Ideological Aspects of the Ideomatic encompass the teachings of churches just as the word, Organization, encompasses churches in an institutional sense. This definition may be offensive to some readers. Please see Ideology for further explanation. Why this term and definition is needed Commentary The stunning genius of The Amazing American Ideomatic Represented by a typical Rube Goldberg machine The man drinking his soup is a Person. He has a Body. His elaborate headgear is an example of the Ideomatic at work. Sometimes it is good. Sometimes it is bad. And sometimes it makes no sense. DAN: work into the comments the Overwhelming. At some point, the Sensorium can be Overwhelmed even by well-intended Influence. The cause of being Overwhelmed is not necessarily Influtrol or Control. The Overwhelming is, however, always a function of Communication because, by definition, each party in a Conversation would pull back if the other party were being Overwhelmed. The Overwhelming is a subset of the Ideomatic. It is a collection of Aspects of the Ideomatic. The Ideomatic is the larger thing that can be "good, bad or indifferent." The Ideomatic is related to and dependent on, but is not the same thing as Communication. "Ideomatic" refers to a totality of many things, while "Communication" typically refers to a discrete thing that is conveyed - for example, a sentence. Communication is a Special Term devised to be contrasted with Conversation. The Ideomatic is a Special Term devised to be contrasted with our Bodies. The Ideomatic is not a construction of fantasy. It exists in Reality. All of its almost countless pieces come together in the human Sensorium just as the natural world does. People may use an Aspect or Aspects of the Ideomatic to Communicate, but they cannot use it to Converse. The Ideomatic may be the topic of Conversation, it just cannot be an instrument of Conversation - Only our Bodies can Converse. The Ideomatic Communicates. Argument The Ideomatic is a term we modern folk Need if we are to Understand our existence amidst the artifacts we have made and so be able to make appropriate Judgments. We have names for ourselves. We are "humans" or "people" or "parents" or "students" or "nurses" or "executives" or "ministers" or "hunters" or "gatherers" and so on. But what do we call all of the Ideologies and other ideas, all of the products and services that we modern folk produce and consume typically in the context of Organizations that are not our Bodies? What do we call the processes that we engage in surrounding the production and consumption of our Ideologies and other ideas, products and services? We do not have an appropriate term. As the result, we tend to use existing terms inappropriately. For example, our tendency is to call a computer a "computer," a car a "car" and a TV, a "TV" as if these things had existence independent of us like a "tree" in the forest or a "rock" beside the path. We forget that a computer is a "computer-not-my-Body" and a car is a "car-not-my-Body" and a TV is a "TV-not-my-Body." Unlike a tree or a rock, human-made artifacts have no meaning apart from our Bodies. They can only be Understood in reference to our Bodies. There were trees and rocks before humans existed, but not so computers, cars and TVs. "It's alive! It's alive!" One of the early inventors of the Ideomatic. So by what name shall we call the Ideologies and other ideas, the products and services that we produce, consume and process? We propose their totality be called "the Ideomatic." And since we are limiting our scope to America and we often think of our country as "amazing," as young folk say, all this stuff and activity and concepts that are not our Body we shall call the Amazing American Ideomatic. "Yes, master." One of the early sales professionals of the Ideomatic. As long as you pay him, he never stops. We Americans pull the levers of the Ideomatic. We flip the switches, turn the knobs and press the buttons. We climb the stairs, ride the escalator and open the door. We type and click the Ideomatic. We print it out and read it. We watch its visuals and listen to its audio. It's all a wonder. Many if not all of us modern folk Believe in the Ideomatic as if it had independent existence. We really, truly believe - It's alive! Think of a microwave oven. It's amazing! It's magic! Think of "distance learning." Entire colleges are now "on line" or "in the cloud," as they say, and for credit, too! It's so cheap! What savings! The Ideomatic, if nothing else, is enthusiastic about itself completely disconnected from our Bodies. The Ideomatic is fantastic! Also see - Veg-O-Matic. "It slices! It dices!" Also see - Young Frankenstein. "It's alive! It's alive!"

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