New Person Kit

From The Practical Ontology & Compendium of Social Cohesion

Definition: As used herein, New Person Kit(s) or (NPK), refers to Kits composed for and given to Persons who cross the "threshold" of one of several "doorways" into Cohesion Project 2025. A given Kit is made up of items that in some instances are the same across all kits; in other cases are the same across two or more, but not all Kits; with some items unique to the given NPK. Here is a list: No. Short Name Description Standard Items Optional Items 1. FAK Financial Adviser's Kit This is for financial advisers. The kit explains the various ways CFUSA and its kits can help the F.A. make a living and do good in the world. Vol. 'I', 2. DPK Donor Philanthropy Kit This is for the individual donor who may benefit from CFUSA's neutral administration of their philanthropy. Pages from the Sponsors' Kit is optional. Vol. 'I', 3. SsK Sponsors' Kit: Fixing America and the Modern World This kit is for those persons who can make tax-deductible financial contributions. Kits for prospective Members is different. Pages from the Donor Philanthropy Kit is optional. Vol. 'I', 4. PMK Prospective Member Kits Vol. 'I', Visitor Newsletter Reader Registered Reader Verified Registered Reader Floating Member Associate Member Adult Student Member Non-Graduate Member Graduate Member Full Member Emeritus Member

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