Picture/Problem, The Big (of human Organizations)

From The Practical Ontology & Compendium of Social Cohesion

Definition: DAN: Double check on what Ong means by "secondary orality." I think he means that radio, TV and now the internet create an environment that we experience through apparently "live" sight and sound. It is a kind of orality analogous to the first one of pure Orality as if there was a virtue in the connection. If that is what Ong is suggesting, then we need a third term for the 21st century and going forward. Let's call it "Today's Communication Environment" or "TCE." TCE is divorced from the two prior descriptions. As used herein, The Big Picture refers to the Three Hat Manner of Proceeding within the context of the Ideomatic and all possible Social Orders, within the context of Fundamental Human Needs, within the context of Reality. A definition states the meaning of a Special Term concisely usually in one sentence. The definition goes immediately below the page title. It is written in regular Georgia 12-point font. Commentary <-- Georgia 12-point bold, underlined font. A Special Term entry may have a commentary (See Wikipedia explanation of "commentary"). A commentary clarifies the definition with further explanation. Commentary goes here in regular Georgia 12-point font. A word marked with an asterisk* has a dictionary definition towards the bottom of the page before the references. Argument <-- Georgia 12-point bold, underlined font. A Special Term entry may have an argument. An argument argues a Proposition using the Special Term. In other words, it applies the Special Term and its definition to some Aspect of Reality.

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